The Advanced Economic Development Leadership Program

Four universities created the Advanced Economic Development Leadership executive education course – an experiential two-week program designed specifically for mid and senior level economic developers who want to examine contemporary issues on a deeper level. Learn more about this unique leadership program.

November 8-11, 2021

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Who Should Attend? 

Advanced training for today's mid and senior economic developers.

What You Will Learn

The partner universities have developed core classes and curriculum that specifically address the demands of our complex and important industry. We utilize experienced faculty and industry practitioners to present leading-edge strategies and techniques necessary in the competitive and evolving world of job creation. Areas of focus include leadership, innovation, project management, negotiation, global challenges, modern technology, data, communication/media training and more.

How You Will Benefit

Hands-on learning sets AEDL apart with the foundation of the advanced program based on contemporary economic development issues taught through an experiential, hands-on approach. With limited lectures, the Advanced program immerses participants in a collaborative, team-centric approach that fosters learning through active exploration, debate and involvement. AEDL participants learn as much from interaction with fellow professionals as they do from faculty.

Program Advantages

  • Alliance of four major institutions of higher learning
  • Experienced and expert faculty – site consultants, experienced EcD professionals, academic and subject experts
  • Dynamic curriculum designed to meet the challenges of competitive EcD
  • Innovative hands-on, collaborative teaching sessions
  • Smaller class size to ensure active learning (40 people per session)
  • Convenient two-week program—divided into separate weeks