Your experience as a TCU Neeley undergraduate includes much more than classrooms and curriculum. Take advantage of opportunities to enhance your education and stand out to prospective employers. There’s a true return on investment with a Neeley School education. Watch to learn firsthand about our undergraduate student experience.


Navigate Your Education

It can be tricky navigating the requirements of the BBA, let alone choosing and planning the path that’s right for you. Our team at the Neeley Academic Advising Center is here for you:

  • Explain admissions requirements and resources 
  • Help you select a business major and minor 
  • Create a plan for your interests and career goals
  • Assess your academic progress and connect you with resources 

Build Your Professional Skills

The Neeley Professional Development Center helps you develop skills to polish your professional brand. Build a standout résumé. Nail the interview. Own a room. Manage difficult people. You’ll develop skills that seem intangible but make all the difference in the real world. Learn more.

Hone Your Leadership Skills

The BNSF Neeley Leadership program is a three-year program that combines classroom knowledge with activities focused on personal, professional, career and leadership development. 

If you apply and are selected, you’ll enter as a sophomore. You must have a minimum 3.2 GPA to apply. Learn more.

Join the Honors Program

Neeley Fellows is a three-year academic program challenging top business students to stretch beyond their already competitive coursework in an interactive environment that echoes our MBA program. Develop enhanced business skills, career management, communication, and global and ethical leadership skills. 

If you apply and are selected, you’ll enter as a sophomore. You must have a minimum 3.5 GPA each semester of your first year to apply. Learn more

Invest Real Stocks

Want to experience the real ups and downs of the stock market? Here’s your chance. The TCU Educational Investment Fund gives select undergraduate and graduate students the power to make all the decisions of investing a $1 million-plus portfolio, with dividends that support worthy causes. Learn more.

Earn Global Experience

Fast-growing technology increasingly connects our world, which makes global experience crucial to business majors. Take part in your choice of study abroad opportunities around the world to provide you with firsthand experience. Learn more.

Connect with the Horned Frog Community

The more involved you are in your education on a social level, the more benefits you will reap. TCU Neeley offers a variety of student clubs related to our majors and more. Learn more.

Grow Your Career

The Alcon Career Center is an extension of the TCU Center for Career & Professional Development devoted exclusively to TCU Neeley undergraduate students and alumni. We provide guidance, resources and workshops to help put your degree, skills, interests and experience to work for your ideal career path. Learn more.