Our graduate business student organizations exist to support the professional development of students across TCU's MBA and MS programs. Through student organization involvement, students gain access to skills development workshops, career boot camps, professional networking opportunities, case competitions, company events and more. We encourage you to join or lead clubs that help support your personal and professional journey and Grow Your Worth.

MBA Association
Representative organization for all MBA students at the TCU Neeley School of Business. We facilitate active and constructive communication between students, faculty, MBA student organizations and industry. By connecting all stakeholders, we promote the value of the MBA experience to the student and employers.
Capital Markets Club
A student organization for graduate business students at the Neeley School who are interested in corporate finance, investments, private equity, real estate, venture capital and alternative investments. The club improves its members' knowledge, opportunities and network within the world of finance.
Case Competition Team
TCU students compete against teams from other top MBA programs in case competitions across the country. From recently winning the Big 12 MBA Case Competition three years in a row to hosting national competitions with PepsiCo and Raytheon, Horned Frogs know how to compete with the best.
Data Analytics Club
The club promotes knowledge sharing and career opportunities for MBA and MS students in all industries that employ data analytics through training workshops, industry speaker series, and networking opportunities with professionals.
Graduate Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO)
The GEO provides a platform for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit at TCU and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth community. By leveraging TCU Neeley's extensive availability of entrepreneurial experiences, we connect students with resources that will help guide their educational and professional endeavors. We welcome students of all backgrounds and interest levels. GEO members do not have to plan to start a business, they only need the curiosity to learn about entrepreneurs and explore how they think.
Graduate Student Senate (GSS)
The GSS is the official representative body for graduate students at TCU, providing professional and financial support as well as open forums for discussing issues, events, and other matters pertinent to graduate students. There is no membership fee. All graduate students are eligible and welcome to attend GSS events and run for officer positions.
Graduate Women in Business (GWiB)
GWiB is a not-for-profit organization, allowing MBA students to maximize the value of their education at TCU. GWiB is dedicated to empowering graduate women in business through networking opportunities and educational information. We seek to propel more women into leadership positions in corporate America and to advocate for diversity in the workplace.
Graduate Consulting Club
A professional organization for graduate business students pursuing occupational goals related to the consulting industry. Whether you are interested in corporate strategy, IT, private equity, marketing or other industries, consulting may be the career for you! The events are beneficial whether you plan to become a consultant, financial analyst or even a brand manager post-graduation. We organize networking events with industry leaders to help students make connections and learn about the consulting industry. Stay informed about industry trends and career opportunities by cultivating these connections, as well as understand various consulting career paths for informed decision-making.
MBA Health Care Club
The club is dedicated to broadening members' perspectives on the business of health care and the career possibilities therein, by providing opportunities to explore the industry academically and engage health care professionals directly.
MBA Marketing Association (MBAMA)
The association's mission is to foster academic and professional development through the coordination of networking opportunities, educational events and company interactions that equip our members with the tools necessary to become world-class leaders in the diverse field of marketing. The Neeley MBAMA serves as a forum where current members and alumni can interact to discuss marketing topics, share knowledge and experiences. By providing access to the marketing faculty, industry experts, as well as students from other top MBA programs across the nation through case competitions, MBAMA members will have the opportunity to develop a strong network within the marketing field.
Neeley & Associates Consultants
As a Neeley & Associates Consultant, you’ll deliver solutions for impressive companies that pay consulting fees. Work alongside professional consultants, faculty experts and second-year MBA principals – and get your foot in the door of highly sought-after companies. Our satisfied clients return year after year, and many hire Neeley & Associates Consultants for internships and full-time positions. You must apply to join.
Neeley MBA Energy Club
The club promotes and explores energy technology and smart U.S. Energy Policy. We educate members about the energy industry, trends, technology and career opportunities through partnerships with local complementary organizations like Young Professionals in Energy and the Fort Worth Energy Club. We also arrange events in coordination with the TCU Energy Institute.
Organization for Supply Chain Studies (OSCS)
The goal of OSCS is to provide students, with an interest in supply chain, a forum to discuss issues that impact business, promote interaction and networking opportunities with supply chain executives, and provide the opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow students pursuing a similar career path.
Significant Others Club
For all the people who help you on this journey through graduate school, this club helps foster a sense of family and community among our graduate students and loved ones. We plan family nights get children involved with fun campus activities, social events to give you a well-deserved date night out, and provide connection to help you feel like TCU Neeley is home.
TCU Neeley Graduate Ambassadors
Neeley ambassadors represent the graduate programs at admissions and campus events, give tours, meet and interview with prospective and admitted students, serve as mentors to incoming students, and assist with graduate recruiting.
Veterans in Business and Entrepreneurship (VIBE)
The club is dedicated to supporting and empowering veteran students with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. We provide a unique platform for veterans to connect, share experiences and develop professional skills. It focuses on networking opportunities, mentorship programs and workshops that cater to the specific needs of veterans transitioning into the business world. The club not only fosters a sense of community among veteran students, but also bridges the gap between military service and the corporate sector, helping members to leverage their unique experiences and skills in their entrepreneurial ventures and business careers.
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Get Involved at TCU

A Neeley graduate business degree is transformative, but how you change is highly personal. The Student Engagement team will help you navigate through your transformation. With so many opportunities, it can be hard sometimes to know which way to go. Our team will recommend clubs, leadership opportunities and other chances to grow and connect with your classmates, faculty and alumni. We encourage you to explore everything TCU has to offer and find a community that supports you personally.

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