• 42 credit hours
  • Spring and Fall program start
  • All undergraduate degrees welcome
  • Cohort comprised of a variety of industries

You can adjust the length of the program by how you schedule your elective courses.

  • Graduate in 33 months. About 20% of our students consistently take six semester hours each fall, spring and summer to graduate in 33 months.
  • Graduate in 24 or 28 months. About 80% of our students take electives in the winter and spring intersession semesters and/or take additional electives during a regular semester to graduate earlier. These options do require diligence and will reduce your elective choices.

Degree Plan

  • First Year. For the fall semester, you’ll study financial reporting, competitive advantage through people, accounting for managerial control and global business. For spring semester, you’ll learn about marketing, financial resources and supply chain. During the summer, you’ll study legal environment of business, data analysis and managing operations. We’ll waive the Management of Financial Resources I if you pass the Level III CFA exam. See Course Catalog
  • Second Year. In the fall, you’ll study legal environment of business, business analytics and your choice of electives. In the spring, you’ll cover information technology, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and your choice of electives. For the summer, you’ll cover business ethics and a business simulation, plus electives. See Course Catalog
  • Third Year. Your third year gives you the additional 12 hours you need to earn the TCU MBA, if you haven’t already taken them. You may take the additional 12 hours in fall or spring mini-terms, international trips or in overloaded semesters (i.e., semesters of more than 6 hours).

  • 36 credit hours
  • Summer program start
  • BBA required
  • Minimum 3 years work experience

Want your MBA degree faster but still need evening hours? The Accelerated Professional MBA lets you complete your TCU MBA in 36 credit hours, in as little as 18 months. It’s not for everyone. You’ll need significant professional experience and a distinguished academic record in business. To build upon and enhance your existing business background, you’ll select those that complement and complete your résumé.

Degree Plan
The accelerated 36-hour plan is a combination of core classes (15 hours) and electives (21 hours) that give you the strategic, integrated perspective of business to make managerial decisions and increase your career flexibility.

  • First Year. You’ll begin the accelerated PMBA in summer with online modules and in-person sessions on Saturdays, covering marketing, finance and supply chain. For fall, you’ll cover legal environment of business and global business, plus your choice of electives. For spring, you’ll study strategy formulation and implementation, plus electives. See Course Catalog.
  • Second Year. Over the summer, you’ll study business ethics and managerial economics. Fall covers business analytics and your choice of electives. In spring you’ll take your choice of electives. See Course Catalog.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship