The TCU Sales Center Executive Advisory Board includes some of the most influential leaders from top companies around the world. Their real-world experience, expertise and passion to lead change are the driving force behind our center’s impact and growth.

Guiding Principles

Our why: Amplify the careers and lives of TCU students. This is at the heart of everything we do, every decision we make.
Sales Is Noble
It’s estimated that 50%+ of TCU undergraduate students will go into sales at some point during their careers. Prior to 2018, less than 1% of TCU undergraduate students took a sales course. Our board will continue to demonstrate and publicize that a sales career is a noble one, attracting more Horned Frogs across campus to our program.
Sales education faces 100+ years of negative stigmas, most stemming from current sales professionals failing to focus on or deliver value to customers. Our board will help equip and prepare the next generation of professional, value-based sales professionals.


Using current industry and sales trends, our board will help shape curriculum development, modernizing it to match the ever-evolving business world.
Student Experience
Our board focuses on practitioner involvement, experiential learning and mentoring, improving the overall student experience in the program.
Growth Through Giving
The Sales Center will continue to grow and elevate our program through strategic opportunities for investment. Our board members play a key role in identifying and procuring impact-focused gifts.

Executive Advisory Board Chair

Photo: Corey Hutchison

Corey Hutchison

Manager, TCU Sales Center
Sales Center

Neeley 2112E

Executive Advisory Board Members

Photo: Lance Black

Lance Black

Founder and CEO

Photo: Danya McIntyre Bogart

Danya McIntyre Bogart

Sands Asset Advisors

Photo: Peter Brennan

Peter Brennan


Photo: Jim Florentine

Jim Florentine

ClearEdge Partner

Photo: Emerson Kirksey Hankamer

Emerson Kirksey Hankamer

Vacations to Go

Photo: Britt Leigh

Britt Leigh

Managing Director
GLP Capital Partners

Photo: Elaine Moore

Elaine Moore

CEO and Founder
ClearPath Academic Solutions

Photo: Chad Rounsavall

Chad Rounsavall

Head of Global Sales

Photo: Nikki Stovall

Nikki Stovall

Texas Enterprise District Manager

Photo: Jeffrey Webb

Jeffrey Webb

VP of Sales, West
Aqua Security

Photo: Jeff York

Jeff York

Former Chief Sales Officer