To showcase intentional engagement in four or more of the six qualifying areas, you must submit a synthesis reflection to showcase how you’ve grown personally and professionally through your engagements.

What is a Synthesis Reflection?

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” - John Dewey.

Engagement in new experiences exposes us to new ways of thinking. However, it is difficult to retain all of these new learnings without intentional reflection. Reflection after experiences helps build new perspective and understanding of a topic and of the world. Written reflection, and creative projects, help document learnings tangibly as well as cognitively so that new understandings and insights can impact future decisions in positive and generative ways. By responding to guided reflective questions and representing your experiences and new perspectives in a creative visual medium, you can obtain a deeper appreciation and understanding of how your engagements have shaped you in personal and professional ways. Below are the components for the Neeley Complete Synthesis Reflection.

Synthesis Reflection Components

The Neeley Complete Synthesis Reflection must contain the following elements: 

  1. Write: Provide a 350-400-word description for each of your engagement areas, responding to each of these questions: 
    1. Name of engagement area.
    2. In a matter-of-fact way, describe what you did to complete the engagement area. Provide details on who you engaged with (organization, people, etc.), where you were located and the content you focused on.
    3. How did this experience help you grow on a personal level?
    4. How did this experience help you grow on a professional level?
    5. In a few sentences, thank or recognize any programs or mentors that were particularly helpful as you navigated your engagement areas.
  2. Create: Represent your learnings in a medium which resonates with you and will help you capture your growth from this experience. Choose from the options below, or develop your own method of delivery based on your interests:
    1. Deliver a “Frog Talk” or TedTalk
    2. Create a documentary
    3. Write a song, poem or essay
    4. Develop a corporate presentation
    5. Create a photo collection, art installation or collage
    6. Prototype a children's book
    7. Build your own time capsule
  3. Submit:Upload your completed synthesis reflection (written component and creative component) through our submission form below no later than four weeks prior to your graduation date. Once you submit your synthesis reflection, you'll receive a confirmation email. The Neeley Complete Synthesis Reflection Review Committee will evaluate and score your project within two to three weeks of receiving it. See details below on evaluation criteria.

Submit Synthesis Reflection

How your Synthesis Reflection will be Evaluated

To fulfill the Neeley Complete Synthesis Reflection requirement, you must earn 8 points from the Synthesis Reflection Review Committee. Points are earned in the following ways:

  • Description of each engagement area is clear and robust: 3 points
  • Accompanying content/material supports the written portions of the synthesis reflection in generative ways: 3 points
  • Editing - the written portions meet basic college-level writing standards: 2 points
  • Committee's Reaction to the quality and thoughtfulness of the synthesis reflection: 2 points