Take a deep breath. Forget all the hype and corporate buzzwords you’ve heard in your search for the right MBA. Find out what it’s really like at TCU Neeley.

Remember undergraduate school? This isn’t like that.

You put a small group of smart professionals in a room with one passionate professor? Magic happens. The professor is explaining concepts that make everything you’ve learned on the job in the last few years suddenly click into place. Hands are shooting up. Eyes are lighting up. The oil and gas guy next to you says something you totally relate to; the non-profit woman in the back gives you an idea for your marketing strategy.

That’s how it is at TCU Neeley. Every. Single. Class.

Real Results. Right Away.

Real Results. Right Away.

Bring credibility to your résumé through both our national prestige and practical real-world application. You’ll be able to put your MBA to work immediately after graduation – even sooner if you’re working part time during our professional or executive programs.

Globally Recognized

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Full-time MBA Graduates, 2023
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World-Class Faculty

Our top-ranked TCU MBA faculty members are sought-after business consultants, many of whom have owned their own businesses or held influential positions with leading companies. Most importantly, they are talented educators who help you discover new ways of looking at business, the world and yourself.

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High-energy Classrooms
Be sure you come prepared to each class, because you will be called upon. Most of our faculty members use the flipped classroom concept: readings and lectures are moved outside of the classroom, so class time is reserved for robust discussion.
Close Connections
Smaller classes and project teams mean you’ll not only receive personal attention from faculty, you’ll build meaningful relationships with your peers. They’ll challenge you to look at your organization differently, and because they’re collaborative – not cutthroat – they’ll become an important part of your professional network.
DFW Roots. Global Reach.
All our MBA programs offer study abroad opportunities, as close to home as Washington, D.C., or as far away as the other side of the globe. From China to Chile, from Italy to India, you’ll learn what it takes to compete and succeed in a global economy.
Career Development
No, it’s not like a meeting with your guidance counselor. It’s about getting to the heart of what you’re good at and where you want to go. From the in-depth personal assessments available to all our students through the Graduate Career Center, to one-on-one executive coaching for our students in the Executive MBA program, TCU Neeley boosts your career way beyond the classroom.