The one-year, full-time, applied Master of Science in Business Analytics emphasizes the use of analytics in business with actionable insights and transferable skills involving data science, platforming and management. You will work with technical and statistical software through experiential learning, case study analysis and class projects.

MS Business Analytics students who entered summer 2024

Summer '24
MS Business Analytics Degree Plan Semester
Summer SU24 ACCT 60110 Accounting and Analytics (1.5 hrs) 
MARK 60110 Marketing and Analytics (1.5 hrs) 
FINA 60110 Finance and Analytics (1.5 hrs) 
INSC 60011 Supply Chain Mgmt and Analytics (1.5 hrs) 
BUSI 60070 Survey of Technology Analytics (1.5 hrs) 
INSC 60051 Technology Boot Camp (1.5 hrs) 
Year 1 FL 24 BUSI 70970 Ethics and Data Privacy (1.5 hrs)
INSC 60070 Data Visualization (1.5 hrs) 
INSC 60010 Statistical Models (1.5 hrs) 
INSC 60050 Business Analytics (1.5 hrs)
BUSI 66100 Career Management & Professional Development (1.5 hrs)
MSBA Electives (3 hrs)
Up to 10.5
WINT 25 Winter Intersession - Compressed Electives 3
SP 25 ENTR 70630 Business Analytics Capstone for Entrepreneurial Decision Making (3 hours) *
MSBA Electives (up to 4.5 hours)
Up to 7.5

*Students may apply to participate in MANA 70773 Neeley & Associates Consulting, instead of ENTR 70630 Capstone. The Neeley & Associates application process begins during the fall semester.


MSBA students choose from a list of prescribed elective courses offered during fall, winter intersession and spring. Each course is worth 1.5 credit hours unless otherwiese noted. A full list of electives will be provided each semester. 

Usually Offered in Fall
ACCT 60100 Cost and Profit Analytics
BUSI 70200 Business Intelligence and Accounting Analytics
MARK 70770 Marketing Research
INSC 70600 Supply Chain Analytics
Usually Offered in Winter
BUSI 60070 Business Simulation
INSC 71100 Business Process Management
INSC 71110 Predictive Analytics with SAP
INSC 70970 Data Analytics with Alteryx
Usually Offered in Spring
MARK 70210 Analytics for Innovation
MARK 70200 Customer Relationship Marketing
MANA 70630 People Analytics
ACCT 60200 Business Processes and Risk
FINA 70523 Financial Modeling (3 hours)
MARK 70110 Marketing Analytics
INSC 70420 Leading Business Transformation
INSC 70440 Cybersecurity
INSC 70450 Machine Learning for Business

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