Employers want more than a degree. They want a professional.

Professionalism is a critical component of your success after graduation – it's not a quality that suddenly appears because you're in college. The Professional Development Center will challenge and coach you to adopt a professional mindset to establish a foundation for your professional brand.

We provide resources to help you develop skills that will differentiate you professionally. You will learn to deliver presentations with polish, manage difficult team situations, craft a competitive résumé, crush the interview and expand your professional network.

Receive Honest Feedback

We care enough to tell it how it is.
Our peer coaches listen, observe and provide straightforward feedback. They don’t mince words; they will challenge you with ways to improve interviews, presentations, résumés and more. We owe it to you to deliver honest feedback. It’s a waste of your time and ours if it’s done any other way.

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Build Self-awareness

Discover your inner professional.
Professional poise emerges gradually as you begin to identify your behavior patterns and understand the “why” behind what you do, and how you react in situations. Learn to leverage and manage your strengths so you can effectively navigate diverse teams and environments. Toxic behaviors don't stem from weaknesses – they stem from mismanaged strengths.

At TCU Neeley, you'll complete a CareerLeader assessment to help identify your interests, motivators and skills. Your results will be compared to hundreds of thousands of successful professionals in specific business-related careers to identify promising career paths for your future.

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Get Certified

Professional development is not a checklist.
Through goal setting and individual coaching, we'll help you develop an innovative skill set that allows you to follow your professional pursuits with confidence. At TCU Neeley, we have the aptitude and resources to provide you with a unique skill-building experience. Get started today and make the commitment to yourself and us, to prioritize your professional development journey.

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