Whether you are pivoting your career, advancing in your current one, or launching your own company, career management will play an integral role in your life. It’s not just about the next two years: it’s about a lifetime of career and professional success.

The Grow Your Worth Experience: Preparing for a lifetime of success

This multi-day experience allows you to focus on personal areas of growth. You’ll visit our Fort Worth campus to strengthen connections with your cohort, network with students from across TCU Neeley Graduate Programs, and engage with career and professional development offerings. These weekend events (four in total; two per year) will often take place adjacent to competitions and symposiums, maximizing opportunities for your career enrichment and networking.

Career Management Course for Professional MBA Online Students

The program includes a course specifically to help you manage your career. You’ll assess and develop skills in intercultural dynamics, leadership, professional communication and team building, completing assessments and receiving feedback to identify your personal strengths and areas for growth.

Virtual Career Events and Career Treks

There are plenty of supplemental ways to grow your career remotely, including virtual career expos, professional development webinars and more.

Personalized Professional Network

Form deep connections with your classmates thanks to immersive in-residence weekends, lively class discussions and small group projects. There are also countless  opportunities to connect with our broader network of 15,000 business alumni, current students from other TCU Neeley degree programs, numerous professional organizations and a variety of online platforms related to career opportunities.

Leveraging Location (even online)

The Professional MBA Online program provides you with strong ties to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the U.S. – in economy as well as population. Known as Silicon Prairie, DFW is home to 22 Fortune 500 companies and is business-friendly and family-friendly; a hub for museums, amusement parks and six major league sports teams.