In Neeley Complete, you will engage in experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom, helping you transform into a well-rounded professional ready to lead change in today’s ever-evolving business world.

  • Neeley Complete includes six engagement areas: competitions and national conferences, employer-based work, intercultural education, leadership, research and service.
  • You must complete four or more of the six areas to earn the Neeley Complete distinction.
  • You may use the same experience (e.g., an international internship) to qualify for no more than two areas. However, if you elect to use the same experience for two areas, you are still responsible for all requirements of the two areas that the experience specifies.
  • All experiences used for Neeley Complete must occur while you are currently enrolled in undergraduate studies.
  • You must submit an intent to participate form and a synthesis reflection for your engagement areas at least four weeks prior to your graduation date.

Browse engagement areas and find opportunities that best fit your major, interests and future career.

Build your knowledge, expand your skill set, perfect your pitch, and explore new perspectives through various opportunities at conferences and competitions.

Minimum Requirements
  • Attend at least three national conferences.
  • Participate in at least five competitions.


  • You must take a photo at each conference and competition you attend in order to prove attendance.
  • If it’s a TCU student organization or club, you must obtain a signed digital letter from the president stating you were in attendance.
  • If the national conferences and/or competitions are not TCU-affiliated, you are required to show proof of registry (e.g., confirmation email, sign-up page screenshot, etc.).

Gain real-world, hands-on experience through practical application, explore various industry fields and build your network for lifelong professional and personal success.

Practical application can help you determine your interests, increase future job satisfaction and understand the importance of company culture fit. You may complete employer-based work in any capacity relating to your future career to ensure relevant experience.

For internships, you must:

  • Explain how your internship responsibilities relate to your major and/or career plans.
  • Describe the professional skills you developed through the experience and identify areas of additional learning required in support of your professional development.
  • Accomplish at least three self-identified outcomes that are specific and measurable for your internship experience.

Minimum Requirements

  • Successfully complete a full summer or full semester of employer-based work.
  • Work a minimum 10 hours per week.


  • Periodically record connections to academia and new insights the position brings.
  • Have one meeting with supervisor reflecting on work completed and further opportunities for growth.
  • Use this experience to draw from for your final synthesis reflection.

Create impactful interactions and build global, cross-cultural competency through immersive experiences.

For international experiences, you must demonstrate your ability to:

  • Convey attitudes of respect, openness, curiosity and discovery toward a culture different from your own.
  • Identify and interpret cultural differences.
  • Adjust your behavior and/or language, based on intercultural situations.
  • Collaborate effectively with people from cultures different from your own.
  • Recognize your worldview is not universal.

Minimum Requirements

Choose one of the following options to complete the intercultural education experience. These four options are based on the TCU Intercultural Center’s values.

  1. Intellectual and Social Inclusion / Intersectionality
    • Spend a minimum of 25 hours volunteering with a non-profit organization, women-owned business, LGBTQ+-owned or minority-owned business that has a mission of improving society for disadvantaged groups. Hours should be approved through a signed digital letter by a leader of the organization.
  2. Empowerment Through Social Justice and Advocacy
    • Attend 10 events that advance social justice and advocacy in the community. Events may include: town hall meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, protests or demonstrations, advocacy group chapter meetings, meetings with elected officials, charity events, etc., are all appropriate to complete this option. We encourage you to choose a variety of events, no more than four events about the same topic (e.g., attending three events regarding a certain advocacy topic is not allowed).
  3. Civic and Global Engagement (choose one of two options)
    • Option 1: Study abroad for one or more weeks through a TCU approved program. While abroad, immerse yourself in a minimum of three experiences unique to that country’s culture (e.g., venture beyond the tourist attractions, explore museum, libraries and monuments, engage in conversations in that country’s native tongue, attend a local music concert, etc.)
    • Option 2: Attend 10 events hosted by the TCU Intercultural Center (or related TCU groups) about a certain country, culture or group (e.g., LATINX, Black Culture, Vietnam, etc.). These events can be in relation to the country/culture/group’s food, language, practices, background, etc.
  4. Transformation Through Experiential Learning
    • Attend a TCU Intercultural Center domestic trip (two per academic year), in addition to attending five separate events held by the TCU Intercultural Center (or related groups). These events may consist of guest speakers, month-awareness events (e.g., Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s Appreciation Month, etc.), “open mic” conversations about current topics, food tastings, TCU Race and Reconciliation task force learning events, TCU Reconciliation Day, etc.


  • You must take photos of yourself at these related events.
  • If photos are not possible, please obtain a signed digital letter from a leader of the event(s).

Combine your passion with purpose, honing your leadership and professional development skills that bring value day one at any organization. To fulfill the leadership area for Neeley Complete, you must serve in a position that leads others.

Through approved leadership experiences, you must demonstrate your ability to:

  • Articulate the essential practices of effective leadership.
  • Display respect for multiple, various perspectives.
  • Build collaborative working relationships with others.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must hold an informal or formal leadership position where you have influenced at least two of your peers.
  • Record your experience biweekly, reflecting on how your leadership has evolved through this position and opportunities for improvement to enhance your leadership abilities.


  • In addition to the biweekly reports, you must meet with an individual that can provide you with feedback on your leadership role, sharing your successes and opportunities for growth.
  • Feedback is meant to be constructive and possibly difficult to hear; however, learning to successfully receive feedback is essential in the development of leaders.

Take a deep dive into research, expanding your expertise, insights and critical thinking skills alongside a distinguished faculty member. Research may be completed in many ways, under the supervision and direction of a faculty member, by performing individual research projects, presenting research at a TCU-hosted showcase, participating in research through another program offered at TCU outside of the business school, or by participating in a research opportunity outside of TCU (must be approved).

Research can be explored in various settings and is flexible to your interest. The research project must be approved by Neeley Complete program leaders to ensure it meets the requirements.

Minimum Requirements

Choose one of the following options to complete the research experience:

  1. Assist with a Research Project for a TCU Neeley Faculty Member
    • Criteria: The research project must be conducted under faculty supervision for a minimum of one semester. Through the research experience, you must demonstrate your ability to apply research methods appropriate for your discipline, and engage in ongoing critical discussion within their chosen field. The faculty member must submit documentation that verifies your engagement in supervised research.
    • Find a faculty member who conducts research in an area that interests you. Explore faculty directory.
    • Connect with a faculty member, asking if they would be willing to allow you to assist in their research. See example email.
    • Remember that asking to participate in research is a commitment for the faculty member as well so if they are unable to allow you to assist at the time, respect their decision.
  2. Individual Research Project
    • Criteria:Research can be performed on an individual basis. However, you must engage in the research for at least one semester. This option requires you to research a desired area of study before writing a research paper on the topic. You may find example research papers completed by TCU Neeley faculty here.
  3. Participate in a Research Program outside of the Neeley School (research through another TCU department, internship, summer program, etc.)
    • Criteria: If there is a research program or internship you are interested in, please email to get the study or organization approved for the Neeley Complete program.

Get involved and give back, participating in a services area that interests you. Service isn’t about checking a box on your résumé or simply helping someone – it’s about contributing to your community. By investing in your community, you will expand your perspective and appreciation for the place you call home.

Minimum Requirements

  • This service must be done in your own city, town or county.
  • You must dedicate a minimum of 25 hours in total to a service area.


  • Submit a journal that records your impact in the respective service are before, during and after your final reflection.
  • If your service program cannot meet the minimum hours requirement, please email us at