The TCU MS in Business Analytics creates options for college graduates to continue their education by adding an in-demand market skill and preparing for a data-driven job market.

Start Now
Classes begin in summer, so you can start right after graduation or even a year or two later. By May you’ll graduate with a valuable new skill.
Consult on Projects for Corporate Clients
Important companies will pitch projects to your class in the fall. You choose the project and team, work on it through spring, and then present your recommendations to the client.
Put Knowledge into Practice
Work with the latest technical and statistical software and case studies. Exciting new trends include continuous intelligence, conversational analytics and augmented analytics.
Develop a Powerful Professional Network
Gain access to industry events, professional advancement and executive mentorship. Meet leaders in the field, both academic and professional.
Learn Alongside Students Just Like You
All majors. All degrees. All industries. Students just like you, eager to add a dynamic new skill to your degree and enhance your value in the job market.

The Value of a Master of Science in Business Analytics