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Neeley Finance Sophomore Luan Luong Makes the Journey from Vietnam to TCU Count

The finance major and member of the Neeley Fellows Class of 2026 joined family already at TCU and found an extended community as a Horned Frog.

November 16, 2023

By TCU Neeley School of Business
Staff Writer

Luan LuongWhat motivates a young man to move halfway around the world for school? In the case of TCU Neeley School of Business sophomore Luan Luong, it was the two Fs - family and finance.

Luong, who is from Vietnam, has a sister named Rachael Luong.  She is also attending Neeley majoring in Supply Chain and Business Information Systems.  So, he already loved the university. What cemented the decision to join the Horned Frog family for him was learning about the highly acclaimed finance department at Neeley.

“Originally born and raised in Vietnam, I always wanted to make a significant impact and drive meaningful change,” said Luong, who is majoring in finance and wants to be an investment banker.”

“That’s why I chose Neeley [because of] it’s focus on developing individuals to affect change in the global community. Specifically, I found interest in the financial service industry because its impact touches every aspect of society. Therefore, I am pursing a finance degree which will allow me to utilize my skills to positively contribute to communities worldwide.”

The Luther King Capital Management Center for Financial Studies is a thriving part of the Neeley community because of world-class faculty, the engagement of alumni like Luther King and real-world experiential learning opportunities like the Educational Investment Fund (EIF). This comes from Luong, who is also a member of the Neeley Fellows Class of 2026.

“Neeley Fellows has inspired me to strive for success and to give back to the TCU Community,” Luong said.

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