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Dean Foreman of American Petroleum Institute Joins Ralph Lowe Energy Institute Board

Students will quickly benefit from the newest addition to the energy board of advisors. Foreman plans to host lunch and learn sessions for students and faculty, called “Fuel for Thought.”

January 10, 2023

By Jen Floyd Engel

Dean Foreman, chief economist for American Petroleum Institute (API), came to the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute this fall to give a sneak peak of his highly anticipated and in-demand quarterly forecast.

His discussion with faculty fellows and staff was well researched and incredibly informative. As Foreman walked out the door, people at the table said: “How do we get him more involved at TCU?”

Dean Foreman

A few months later, energy institute executive director Ann Bluntzer, announced Foreman would join the RLEI’s advisory board. In addition, the energy institute will be partnering with Foreman to bring signature “Fuel for Thought” student and faculty lunches to campus this spring with plans for more collaboration as well.

“The partnership between the Neeley School of Business and API is going to be a game changer for our students who are studying energy,” Bluntzer said. “The API has over 100 years of thought leadership in energy. To have their policy brains in our classroom and in front of our students, is really important.”

API brings 103 years of advancing cutting-edge technology in the oil and natural gas value chain. That includes 103 years of being innovative problem solvers willing to take on technical, business and governance challenges. API has 103 years of working to make technologies of the future, like carbon capture scalable commercial realities.

All of that real-world experience will be coming straight to Neeley students as API brings their experts in for talks on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, climate and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and an energy markets outlook as part of the “Food for Thought” lunches and learn sessions.

“Our partnership will create multiple contact points between the energy institute community and API policy experts,” Foreman said. “These experts come from across the energy value chain, actively engaging in industry studies and working on the front lines of regulatory and legislative actions. Energy students will learn about the natural gas and oil industry through course contributions and potential internship opportunities.”

Students will also have an opportunity to learn from one of the leading energy economists in the world. Foreman is respected for his balanced and realistic perspective on the future of the industry. Having a front-row seat for his insights will be invaluable exposure for this next generation of business and business energy leaders.

“The skills and technologies energy companies use are constantly evolving,” Foreman said. “From developing artificial intelligence to modernizing operations, industry is always looking for the next breakthrough. Yet the key to understanding these and the markets into which they play comes down to data—and the ability to measure and optimize decisions using it.

“If you are intellectually curious about business and harness a willingness to learn new skills, students and graduates can contribute quickly and grow into the next generation of leaders.”

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