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Fintech and the Future of Online Enterprise

A new undergraduate certificate program at the TCU Neeley School of Business prepares future generations for the developing world of financial technology.

April 20, 2021

By Nicholas Ferrandino

Emerging technologies have caused a radical shift in the world’s economy. Stakeholders have reshaped their views on how value is created and exchanged, companies now depend heavily on online systems to pay employees and make investments, and there is – as of January 2021 – over 4,000 cryptocurrencies used worldwide.

These technologies that have emerged over the past decade have been labeled by industry experts as Fintech. Short for financial technology, Fintech is the emerging field of technology aimed at improving the delivery of financial services. Its growing economic influence has opened new frontiers in the field of finance. A frontier that, yet, is still largely uncharted.

“We’ve been exploring how we can create opportunities for both our Business Information Systems (BIS) students in developing technical skills and offering classes to those outside of BIS,” said Kelly Slaughter, associate professor of professional practice at the TCU Neeley School of Business.

Seeking to break into the wealth of untapped potential in this budding market, Slaughter has introduced a new Fintech Certificate for undergraduate business students. This certificate program includes three new classes: blockchain and crypto-currency, machine learning and predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence as financial advisors.

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Slaughter’s overarching goal is to provide a deeper understanding of how these technologies function by having students build them on their own.

“Students in these courses will build blockchain databases, predictive models and chat bots all pertaining to subject matter of interest in the field of finance.” Slaughter said. “The content will be shaped through the advisement of an industry council to ensure that the students are developing the skills that will allow them to pursue their most desired career path.

With this hands-on experience, Slaughter hopes that students who obtain their Fintech Certificate will leave with a ‘digital fluency’ that provides them with the opportunity to spearhead new developments in this growing field. It is a skill set Slaughter believes will only become more relevant as the technology continues evolving.

The TCU Fintech Council involved with the Fintech Certificate is composed of industry veterans. Here is what some of them have to say about the program:

“Innovation, in particular, advanced Data Science techniques such as visualization, automation, OCR, Natural Language Processing are becoming core competencies in hiring in the financial services industry.” – Praful Mainker, TCU Fintech Council, Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase

“TCU offering a blockchain program through its business school is groundbreaking and the first of its kind. It gives the next generation a launchpad to learn and build upon.” – Aaron Grieshaber, TCU Fintech Council, Blockchain/Angel Investor

“Every day I work with new technology innovations radically changing the financial services industry by leveraging technology to create better user experiences such as traditional banking services with AI, Big Data and blockchain technology.” Ed Koellner, TCU Fintech Council, Senior Attorney, USAA

Our certificate program is only available to current students pursuing an undergraduate degree at the TCU Neeley School of Business. It requires 9 credit hours that can be taken as electives in your business coursework. Learn more about the Fintech Certificate here.