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Fortune: Dual Business and Education Degree Empowers Senior-level Professionals to Lead

TCU’s unique MBA/Ed.D. program equips education leaders with business expertise to create safer, modern, and equitable environments for students and staff.

June 20, 2023

By Amber Billops

Fortune recently highlighted the uniqueness of TCU’s dual degree program, which awards both a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Education (EdD), to provide education leaders with the skills to navigate the complexities of managing finances, creating a safer work environment and promoting equity for students and staff.

The collaboration between TCU's Neeley School of Business and the College of Education ensures a comprehensive educational experience. TCU's full-time MBA program is highly regarded and ranked by Fortune, as well as by other professional business publications.

The MBA/EdD program at TCU combines business training and organizational concepts with traditional educational training. Students gain insights at the intersection of corporate America and the education system, equipping them with the skills to address financial challenges faced by educational institutions.

The program is rigorous and requires a large financial and time investment because of its duration. It typically has less than 10 students per year.

“The MBA/EdD is for people who have a strong, clear aspiration to pursue a leadership role in education,” said David Allen, senior associate dean for graduate programs and Henderson chair of management and leadership at TCU.

Students get exposure in an MBA program to strategy, budgeting, finance and even marketing—and this adds a beneficial perspective to the coursework in the EdD educational leadership program, he notes.

Students generally enter the dual-degree program in a mid-level management position, and they are seeking skills and the certification to attain senior-level roles. In terms of the application process, students apply for both the MBA and EdD programs at the same time.

TCU's dual degree program strikes a balance between educational theories, professional practice, and business acumen. The MBA aspect delves deeper into business topics that supplement the EdD program, offering valuable insights from other sectors such as technology, finance, and healthcare. With an emphasis on fundraising, legal matters, and business finance, the program prepares future education leaders to navigate the multifaceted challenges of the educational landscape.

Photo: David Allen

David Allen

Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
Luther A. Henderson University Chair in Leadership
Management and Leadership Department

Neeley 4321