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Forbes: Executive-in-Residence Bets Lillo Discusses 'Polycrisis' Definition, Board Accountability

Professor Lillo provides her perspective with supply chain to the discussion about world-wide emergencies and the insight provided by corporate boards.

January 23, 2023

By Jen Floyd Engel

Bets Lillo, a TCU Neeley Executive in Residence and adjunct professor of global supply chain and business ethics, provided her expertise in a Forbes article about the World Economic Forum’s Davos meetings.

The news story, written by TCU alumnus Michael Peregrine ’77, positioned Davos’ focus on “Polycrisis” as an opportunity for a board leadership to take notice. Lillo agreed with the perspective.

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2023 16-20 January

Lillo described polycrisis as “an elegant way to define where we are right now” based on the current combination of world-wide emergencies.

The article’s author wrote, “Using the integral importance of supply chains as a reference, Lillo sees the Davos meeting as an opportunity for more thoughtful boardroom discussion on global interdependency.”

Lillo explained further. She said, “Stakeholders are holding boards accountable for much more than business results — from activist investors looking to accelerate leadership in climate transition to European companies’ reporting requirements on labor and environmental performance within their supply chains.”

Photo: Bets Lillo

Bets Lillo

Adjunct Faculty - Information Systems and Supply Chain Management