Section Image: Regina Middleton

Regina Middleton Brings Her Passion for Education and Spirituality to Life in New Book

TCU Neeley Academic Adviser Regina Middleton reflects on her spiritual journey and how challenging times led to strength and serenity in her new book, “Joy of Heaven.”

March 28, 2022

By Erin Smutz

Educator. Mentor. Spiritual leader. Regina Middleton, an undergraduate academic adviser at the TCU Neeley School of Business, pours her passion for helping others into every endeavor she undertakes both in education and ministry. In Middleton’s new book, “Joy of Heaven,” she shares insight into her spiritual journey, encouraging and inspiring others to push through life’s struggles to discover joy on their personal divine paths.

Regina Middleton signing a copy of her book

What inspired you to write a book?
RM: I was inspired by my personal relationship with God, and the work I am currently involved with at my church and in the community. About 16 years ago, I dreamed about this book. In my dream, I saw the book “Joy of Heaven” with my name on the front cover. I was inspired and started writing the first draft, thinking I would finish the book then, but the time wasn’t quite right.

What did you learn when writing the book?
RM: Writing takes a lot of time and commitment. Some days you simply won't write anything and other days the words flow so easily. You have to trust the process and be patient. Once you start writing, you can't stop until it’s finished. Then once I finished the book, I was surprised.

What do you hope people will take away after reading your book?
RM: In a world full of suffering, there is a need for people to find both meaning and solutions to their pain and problems. I’ve seen people lose their joy because daily life became unbearable at times. With my book, I hope people learn that happiness and pain can exist together — and that you can choose joy. Despite the obstacles and challenges you may face, it’s important to enjoy the journey, knowing that building a relationship with God can bring true joy.

What’s next for you?
RM: My co-authored book, “Girl Get Up: Write the Book,” will be released at Barnes & Noble in the next few weeks. My foreseeable future plans include writing more books, continuing my work in higher education and volunteering at my church, finding new opportunities to merge business with ministry.

Learn more about Regina’s book, “Joy of Heaven” here.