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Ryan Krause Honored with Deans’ Research Award

Ryan Krause, professor of strategy, was honored with the 2019 Deans’ Award for Research and Creativity.

June 13, 2019

By Elaine Cole

Ryan KrauseAmong all the faculty members across the TCU campus, Ryan Krause, professor of strategy at the Neeley School of Business, was honored by the Chancellor with the Deans’ Award for Research and Creativity. Krause received the award at TCU’s 2019 Convocation of Academic Excellence in May.

Each dean at TCU nominates the professor who has produced the highest quality research over the last several years. The nominating division assembles a dossier of the candidate’s work, supplemented with letters of support written by scholars from other universities regarding the national and international significance of the body of research. The dossiers are presented to the Provost and TCU Council of Deans to choose the winner. Honorees are recognized at convocation.

Krause is the Robert and Edith Schumacher Junior Faulty Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He joined TCU Neeley in 2013 after earning his PhD in strategic management and organization theory from Indiana University. He teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Krause’s research expertise covers top management, stakeholders and directors. Recently published research articles include:

  • “The Coercive Isomorphism Ripple Effect: An Investigation of Nonprofit Interlocks on Corporate Boards.” Academy of Management Journal.
  • “Under The Microscope: An Experimental Look at Board Transparency and Director Monitoring Behavior.” Strategic Management Journal.
  • “BS in the Boardroom: Benevolent Sexism and Board Chair Orientations.” Strategic Management Journal.
  • “Compromise on the Board: Investigating the Antecedents and Consequences of Lead Independent Director Appointment.” Academy of Management Journal.
  • “Ready, Set, Slow: How Aspiration-Relative Product Quality Impacts the Rate of New Product Introduction.” Journal of Management.
  • “Being the CEO’s Boss: An Examination of Board Chair Orientations.” Strategic Management Journal.
  • “When in Rome, Look Like Caesar? Investigating the Link Between Demand-Side Cultural Power Distance and CEO Power.” Academy of Management Journal.
  • “That Special Someone: When the Board Views its Chair as a Resource.” Strategic Management Journal.
  • “The Appointment of Chief Supply Chain Officers to Top Management Teams: A Contingency Model of Firm-Level Antecedents and Consequences.” Journal of Operations Management.