You'll graduate with the skills to do the job. Will you have the skills to get the offer?

Neeley Premium Credentials: Professional Skills Certification is a designation of distinction that shows employers you have what it takes to be more than just another employee. You have what it takes to be part of the team.

Get What Employers Want


This is the number one skill employers look for in new hires, but what does it really mean? The ability to listen, write clearly and professionally, present confidently and communicate complex information in understandable ways.


Achieve results by establishing positive relationships with different team members and managing personality conflicts.

Positive Attitude

When your mindset is positive you are more productive, better at solving problems, more creative and have more energy than when your brain is negative or stressed.

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Get Started

Once you are officially admitted to the TCU Neeley School of Business you will be invited to join the Neeley Premium Credentials program. The program begins in the fall of your junior year and continues until graduation. The activities you complete in pursuit of the professional skills certification will be customized based on the areas you want to explore. Our team will support you along the way.

  1. Download the blueprint and follow the instructions.
  2. Email your blueprint to us at
  3. Review the comments from your professional development coach when the blueprint is returned to you.
  4. Set up a meeting with your coach to develop an action plan.
  5. Complete your action plan based on your timeline.

Steps Along the Way

Targeted Networking
Create a professional profile on LinkedIn, explore strategic connections and ask for informational interviews.
Goal Setting
Learn how to design and pursue SMART Goals that will guide you toward personal and professional growth.
Relevant Experience
Schedule a mock interview, land an internship and further define your goals.
Skills in Action
Apply your skills in new ways such as coaching, case competitions, study abroad programs and more.
Refining Strengths
Identify which of your strengths can be overdone and learn how to prevent them from becoming obstacles.
Transitioning to Professional Life
We’ll help you choose the right person to guide and support you through the initial stage of your career.