Photo: Antoinette Billingsley

Antoinette Billingsley

Administrative Support
Executive Education

Neeley 2513

Christyl Dodd

Learning Program Specialist
Executive Education

Neeley 2516

Photo: Angela Flynn

Angela Flynn

Assistant Director
Executive Education

Neeley 2514

Photo: Jim Roach

Jim Roach

Executive Director
Executive Education

Neeley 2510

Photo: Sammie Rodriguez

Sammie Rodriguez

Director of Marketing and Engagement
Executive Education

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Photo: Laurie Yesley

Laurie Yesley

Director, Executive Program Development
Executive Education

Neeley 2511

Frequently Asked Questions

Discounts are available for TCU Alumni, U.S. veterans, 501c3 non-profit organizations and government employees as well as TCU Faculty and Staff. Organizations who send two or more employees to a course are also eligible for discounts. Please contact Sammie Rodriguez at or 817-257-6033 for more information.

All class materials and depending on the time of class, meals and refreshments.

TCU Neeley Executive Education offers courses both in-person and online, as well as the option for participants to participate online within an in-person course. Please find below additional information regarding enrollment of an online certificate based, non-degree program.

The authentication and certification earned and received through TCU Neeley Executive Education programs do not constitute an accredited credential that supplants, replaces, or qualifies as an undergraduate or graduate degree. The completion of this programming, online or in-person, does not provide college credit, nor does it provide any official or state-sanctioned license to a particular vocation. In order to receive continuing education credits for TCU Neeley Executive Education courses, it will be up to the discretion of the accrediting institution as to whether or not they will allow these courses to apply to continuing education credits.

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For questions or concerns, please contact:
Sammie Rodriguez