Visit our Majors and Minors page and click on Management Double Majors. We include four-year plans for combining a management major with other Neeley School majors.

To explore what you can do with a degree in management, contact Kelsey Gentry ( in the Alcon Career Center to discuss career and job search options.

A double major in management and accounting may require extra courses. Check with your advisor for more information. 

A double major in management and finance with a real estate concentration may require extra courses. Check with your advisor for more information. 

Currently there is no minor or certificate in management, but we are exploring future options.

Before selecting a major, you need to be accepted into the Neeley School of Business. See our standard admission requirements.

Courses are typically restricted to management majors to ensure we have room for our students. You are welcome to request a permission number for a management course. Our department chair evaluates all requests and makes decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Management graduates from the Neeley School go on to work in various roles at a variety of companies. Several graduates join management training programs, such as Aldi (District Manager Trainee), BNSF Railway (Management Trainee), ISN (Management Development Program) and Hajoca (Management Development Program).

Other management graduates pursue careers in consulting, financial services, real estate, rotational programs, sales, marketing and human resources at companies, such as Dell, Deloitte, IBM, Gartner, JPMorgan, JTaylor and Oracle, particularly if they double major (e.g., Finance/Management, Marketing/Management, BIS/Management).

That’s up to you. The great thing about a double major is you have a choice. We suggest you talk to your career advisor to see what works best for you.