Undergraduate TCU Students Only

All team members must be currently enrolled TCU undergraduate students. All majors welcome.

Team Composition and Participation

  • Teams must be comprised of a minimum of 2 members but may have more.
  • At least 2 team members must participate in the presentation. More may do so.
  • Team members may represent any discipline of study and are not limited to the business school.

Criteria for a Values-centered Venture

A values-centered venture contributes to the well-being of specific internal or external stakeholders through products, services and/or profits.

  • Ventures submitted for the Values and Ventures® competition must be for-profit, values-centered enterprises. Nonprofit ventures are not allowed.
  • Ventures must demonstrate a societal or environmental need to be filled, as well as the profitability of the business.


  • For-profit businesses that also support the social or economic goals of customers, communities, employees, suppliers and/or the environment 
  • Contributions to sustainability
  • Innovations in health, life or energy
  • Opportunities for underrepresented groups in business
  • See past winners here.

About the Competition

Pitch presentations will be scheduled after the application deadline.

How to Apply

  1. Read and follow all guidelines.
  2. Submit application by the deadline.