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Elizabeth Plummer's Insights into Stimulus Checks Featured on NBC News

TCU Neeley Accounting Professor Elizabeth Plummer talked with reporters from local NBC affiliate about the process of receiving–or not receiving–stimulus checks.

April 23, 2020

By Elaine Cole

Elizabeth PlummerAs millions of Americans reported receiving their stimulus payments last week, many others felt left in the dark and frustrated with the process.

NBC5 called on Dr. Elizabeth Plummer on April 17 and again on April 21 to help explain how the IRS is overwhelmed with requests.

Plummer said the best thing taxpayers can do is follow the instructions on the IRS letter they receive.

“They’re sending out almost $300 billion to 135 million taxpayers. There are going to be mistakes. But I think, in general, the checks are not going to be an error,” said Dr. Plummer.

“There are a lot of persons out there and it’s impossible, I think, to foresee in a very quick period all the scenarios that are going to play out, and some people are going to get caught in a situation that wasn’t foreseen, and the IRS is working to address those issues,” Plummer said.

Plummer is an expert on federal taxation.

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