Undergraduate TCU Students Only

All team members must be currently enrolled TCU undergraduate students. All majors welcome.

Team Composition and Participation

  • Teams must be comprised of a minimum of 2 members but may have more.
  • At least 2 team members must participate in the presentation. More may do so.
  • Team members may represent any discipline of study and are not limited to the business school.

Criteria for a Values-centered Venture

A values-centered venture contributes to the well-being of specific internal or external stakeholders through products, services and/or profits.

  • Ventures submitted for the Values and Ventures® competition must be for-profit, values-centered enterprises. Nonprofit ventures are not allowed.
  • Plans must demonstrate a societal or environmental need to be filled, as well as the profitability of the business.


  • For-profit businesses that also support the social or economic goals of customers, communities, employees, suppliers and/or the environment 
  • Contributions to sustainability
  • Innovations in health, life or energy
  • Opportunities for underrepresented groups in business
  • See past winners here.

About the Competition

Pitch presentations will be made at 15-minute intervals with the following time limits strictly enforced:

  • 5 minutes for presentation with visual aids
  • 5 minutes to respond to questions and answers from judges
  • 5 minutes for judges’ evaluations, discussions and breaks

How to Apply

  1. Read and follow all guidelines.
  2. Submit application and executive summary by the deadline.