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Neeley Leader group in Chicago in front of the Bean
Experiential Learning

Being a Neeley Leader is about more than attending class. Your coursework is paired with workshops, corporate visits, team challenges and a two-semester impact project that maximizes your experience. The integration of co-curricular activities along with coursework makes the BNSF Neeley Leadership Program an unparalleled experience.

Each year students participate in domestic and international travel, corporate site visits and speaker events, among other opportunities.

Visit Chicago
See business from a corporate perspective while interacting with executives from impressive companies. Meet and mingle with successful TCU alumni.
Visit Florence, Italy
For over a decade, our students have experienced incredible leadership and travel opportunities through NLP. The primary focus of this trip is to help students deepen their understanding of international business operations, strengthen their abilities to collaborate with others, and develop cultural humility through meaningful experiences with other cultures. In addition to corporate site visits and exposure to the city of Florence, students will complete team-building activities and sharpen their leadership skills. Every NLP junior is encouraged to participate in this highly impactful trip.
Friends in Learning and Life
Friends in Learning and Life

We are not about competition – we’re about learning. In your cohort of 30 students, you will develop bonds and connections that lead to deep and lasting friendships. Your peers will challenge and support you to become the best leader possible. Cohort activities include retreats, lab courses, case studies and impact projects. 

Section Image: Neeley leaders at a conference room table

World-class Faculty and Curriculum

With five in-depth courses from sophomore to your senior year, you will go far beyond what is offered by other leadership programs.

The BNSF Neeley Leader Competency Model provides the most comprehensive undergraduate business leadership development in the world. By the time you graduate, you’ll be a skilled communicator, an effective team player and an agile thinker prepared to make a positive difference in the workplace.

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