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Executive Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating connections, communicating an inspiring idea, and creating a compelling vision of the future. Exceptional leaders use stories to convey deeper meaning, reinforce key priorities and establish stronger engagement with co-workers, customers and other key constituents.

For every leader, the ability to convey a message clearly and effectively through stories can also be critical to solving organizational issues, persuading important stakeholders, or presenting a new idea to C-Suite leaders. A compelling story is memorable, relevant, deeply engaging and well told. Through powerful storytelling leaders can gain buy-in, convey their key messages and obtain support from key stakeholders while transforming organizations.

1 in-person session
September 21, 2023

Cost: $995*
Certificates will be awarded based on successful completion of the 1-day training.

* A 20 percent discount will be given to companies that enroll two or more employees.
* A 30 percent discount will be given to TCU Alumni and TCU Faculty/Staff.
* A 10 percent discount will be given to U.S. veterans and employees of non-profit organizations.

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders at all levels who want to improve their ability to convey key messages, create deeper engagement, and inspire others through storytelling.

What You Will Learn

Practical storytelling tools and approaches that will help you develop:

  • A clear picture of your audience and what motivates them
  • A clear and powerful storyline to align your audience with your ideas
  • An understanding of your strengths and areas of improvement as a persuasive communicator
  • The ability to leverage the environment to reinforce your message, whether online or in-person

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the science of storytelling and how it increases the emotional connection with your audience.
  • Lessen your dependency on the presentation medium and increase your connection with the audience.
  • Increase your understanding of your audience and how environment plays into a presentation.
  • Workshop your idea with a cross functional team and receive real-time feedback on your story and delivery.
  • Learn a realistic framework for rehearsals to apply to your (and your teams') upcoming presentations.
  • Take the reins on your professional development and craft stories that stick.


  • Authenticity 
  • Storytelling and Idea "Sell-In"
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Presentation Approaches & Structure
  • Communication Style
  • Clarity & Focus for Message Development
  • Leadership Presence

Faculty Leaders

Photo: Eric Harris

Eric Harris

Founder, GatherRound

Eric started GatherRound after his experience in brand- and agency-side leadership roles exposed him to a frightening phenomenon: The pervasive reliance on presentation software for attempting to sell in ideas. Eric believes presentations deserve more respect, because the better we are at creating buy in, the more cool stuff we’ll get to do. So Eric and his team invented and now teach The Campfire Method. Since 2015, Eric has had the privilege of coaching enlightened teams – at organizations such as Activision, Texas Health Resources, and YUM! Brands – who know storytelling and leadership are synonyms.


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Kalyn McKittrick

Director of Marketing and Engagement

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