Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) is ever-changing, and it’s only the beginning. This program is designed for your success beyond your career as an athlete – in fact, it’s open to non-athletes as well. We’ll equip you with the mindset and skills not just to create a personal brand but to create an entrepreneurial brand. Starting with practical ways to navigate and capitalize on shifting opportunities within NIL, we expand into a variety of topics that provide you with career choices and a leg up on the competition, regardless of the line of work you pursue after college.

Entrepreneurial Brand Management
Learn foundational business strategies and audience acquisition as you develop your brand identity and find the link between your identity and your core audience.
Business Formation
Understand entrepreneurial opportunities developing in the NIL space and beyond. Apply business best practices and ultimately create, develop and execute your entrepreneurial business strategy plan.
Financial Literacy
Study portfolio diversification, wealth creation and other keys to achieving financial independence.
Contract Management
Develop a conceptual understanding and competencies in contracts and legal matters around Name, Image and Likeness.
Taxation and Legal
Learn the origins and legal aspects behind Name, Image and  Likeness, as well as the key taxation implications in NIL deals and, more broadly, in running a business.
Crypto and NFTs
Explore the growing possibilities and opportunities to capitalize within the NFT and Metaverse space.
Mental Health and Well-being
Develop key components of self-leadership, positive habits and emotional intelligence to cope with social media and the stressors that come with NIL exposure.

Neeley NIL Student Stories

Current Neeley NIL students share why they enrolled and how they’re learning to manage their personal entrepreneurial brands for a lifetime.