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After carefully reading the Neeley Fellows Statement of Values, Dr. Rob Rhodes Learning Mantra and program requirements provided below, indicate your understanding and commitment to these expectations of being a Neeley Fellow (if selected) by entering your name in the signature field at the bottom of the page.

Statement of Values

The Neeley Fellows Statement of Values guides the actions of the program members. Students will demonstrate these values in their decision-making, personal behavior, and interactions.

As Neeley Fellows, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence and achievement in all endeavors with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

We believe our responsibility within Neeley Fellows is to:

  • Develop dedication to our academic pursuits and intellectual curiosity
  • Maintain engagement in all aspects of the program
  • Develop a culture committed to both professional and personal growth
  • Promote teamwork in an active learning environment
  • Foster personal relationships and mutual support, both today as students and in the future as professionals

We believe our responsibility within Texas Christian University is to prioritize academics while maintaining campus involvement and leadership.

We believe that our responsibility to the Professional Communities in which we work is to become ethical leaders with a global perspective and a commitment to enact positive change.

We believe our responsibility within the Greater Community in which we live is to devote our time and talents to serving the community.

Dr. Rob Rhodes Learning Mantra

The Learning Mantra was developed by a group of Neeley Fellows to honor a faculty member who embodied a passion for learning and inspired his students to do so as well. The intent behind the Learning Mantra is to provide inspiration and direction to our students in terms of how they think about and approach learning.

Learning to Be Wrong Willingly
Learning to Succeed Humbly
Learning to Ask Questions Thoughtfully
Learning to Value Relationships
Learning to Live with Integrity
“and just maybe, you’ll not just learn to change the world, but you will actually change it, one small step at a time.”

Program Requirements

As a student applying to Neeley Fellows, applicants should understand and confirm their commitment to the following program requirements:

  • Meet academic expectations:
    • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA
    • Complete Lower-Division and Upper-Division Honors requirements to graduate with Honors Laureate distinction from the John V. Roach Honors College.
      • If a student is extended an invitation to join Neeley Fellows and they are not currently in the Honors College, the invitation is contingent on acceptance to the Honors College and student must apply and be admitted to the Honors College during the fall application process.
  • Maintain a strong commitment to both curricular and co-curricular components of the program through the entirety of the program:
    • Complete all required courses in the Neeley Fellows curriculum and attend weekly labs
    • Participate in all required extracurricular activities including spring break travel to NYC during sophomore year
    • Honor all commitments within Neeley Fellows
  • Operate in a manner that embodies the Statement of Values and Learning Mantra:
    • Conform to the TCU Code of Conduct
    • Act in a professional, honorable and ethical way that is consistent with the Neeley Fellows brand and expectations
    • Be aware that violations of academic or professional integrity may be heard by the Neeley Fellows Honors Council made up of other students and also agree to serve on the Neeley Fellows Honor Council, if called