A plan to position us for continued leadership and innovation.

The successful realization of these goals will mean that Neeley School graduates will make an even deeper and more meaningful contribution to the world of business and society.

It will enable us to excel in our fundamental mission: to develop business leaders better prepared than ever to make a difference. Future Neeley School graduates will leverage our experiential learning focus to be ready to make a difference faster than our competitors. Our graduates will be rooted in research rigor and will be ethical, effective leaders. They will be lifelong learners, remaining connected to the Neeley School experience as they progress through their careers. Our efforts to drive inclusive excellence will lead to our graduates having a more balanced and enriched perspective. And our brand will be synonymous with business education excellence around the world.

We invite you to share in our success — as a student, as a member of our faculty and staff, as a valued business partner, and as a donor.

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At TCU Neeley, we’re on the move. 

Rising in the rankings, we are recognized as one of the top 20 undergraduate business schools in the United States. We’re justifiably proud of the soaring value of a Neeley School degree — but we are not satisfied with simply being proud.

We want to continue to grow in national prominence. We want to make the Neeley School brand even more synonymous with business leadership, as our students and alumni drive business change around the world.

That’s why we launched our strategic planning initiative in 2021. It establishes clear priorities for investment in areas critical to our continued ascent in the rankings. And it positions both the Neeley School and our graduates to make an even larger contribution to the betterment of global business.

The Neeley School of Business unleashes human potential with leadership at the core and innovation in our spirit.

That’s the Neeley Promise, and it’s what makes the Neeley School different. Our promise comes to life through our uniquely experiential education, which draws upon one of the most dynamic and fastest growing incubators for business innovation — the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and all the Fortune 500 companies doing business there.

Months of planning
Participants from all corners of the TCU Neeley family

It was vital that our strategic plan reflect the needs, talent and insights of the Neeley School family. So, over a period of 18 months, we embarked on a highly collaborative and inclusive process.

More than 200 students, faculty, staff, business partners and external resources participated in a series of discussions, questionnaires and moderated workshops to identify needs, identify solutions and prioritize efforts. We focused on those most likely to align with and catalyze our plans for growth.

We take enormous pride in the collection of ideas and insights generated by such a broad cohort of roles, responsibilities and perspectives derived from all corners of the Neeley School family.

Our Goals

Our process helped us identify five goals we believe are essential to our future success. These strategic pillars will represent our focus for investment and programmatic development designed to drive our continued growth.

Explore the five goals below to learn more about how we’ll be working to realize our fullest potential.