Got an idea? We have the resources.

Discover our additional competitions to help you develop and launch ideas.


Elevator Pitch Competition

Tell us your business plan in 90 seconds for a chance to win cash and advance to the national competition. Students from all majors welcome. The next competition will be in fall 2021. Check out some winning tips.


Horned Frog Brain Hack

We're looking for your solutions for some of today's top challenges.

The institute hosts the Horned Frog Brain Hack to empower students to take action on a current challenge. You have one week to hear from experts on the subject, gather info, come up with ideas, validate your ideas, and then pitch for cash prizes. The 2020 challenge addressed the expected surge in mental health issues during and after COVID-19. The next challenge will be in spring 2021. All TCU undergrads and graduate students welcome.

First Place: $250 
Second Place $150 
Third Place: $100 

Monday: An expert will give you more information on the state of the challenge.
  • We'll invite you to a webinar to gather more information.
Tuesday: Come up with solutions.
  • Ideate. Get feedback.
  • Get tips on customer discovery, prototyping, lean startup, how to pitch and more.
Wednesday: Pitch your proposed solution/hacks in a virtual meeting.
  • Each person gets 90 seconds to pitch.
  • Everyone attending will choose the top three ideas.
  • Everyone then chooses which idea/team they want to work with.
  • Teams are formed and mentors assigned to teams.
Thursday: Validate your idea.
  • Work with your team, faculty, and mentors to validate your proposed solutions.
Friday: Each of the teams will present your validated idea (virtual setting) to judges for a chance to win first, second or third prize.
  • Each team gets 10 minutes to pitch.
  • Teams will set up virtual meetings and invite the judges. We'll send you their emails.
  • As hosts of the virtual meetings, you can share your screen to show slides, graphs, charts, photos, etc., to support your idea.
Judges will determine the winners and announce via email to all participants.